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This Means WAR! Frequently Asked Questions

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Supported Devices
iPad 2, iPad Mini, iPad Mini 2, iPad Mini 3, iPad 3, iPad 4, iPad Air, iPad Air 2, iPhone 4, 4s, 5, 5s, 5c, 6, 6 plus, iPod Touch 5th Generation
iOS - 7.0.6 or later

Gameplay Modes
Campaign - This is a single player game mode where you can earn Red Mercury and Supplies. Unlock each level by defeating the villains base. You will not lose medals for losing a battle.
Multiplayer - Play against other players to steal Red Mercury and Supplies and earn medals for your victories.
Friend Challenge! - Play against your friend’s base to earn Power Cells. You cannot steal your friend’s resources nor can they steal yours. There are no penalties for losing a battle.

Game Center and Facebook
You can create a base and play the game without creating a Game Center account or connecting to Facebook. However, by creating and connecting the game with a Game Center account, you will be able to save your base and access it on multiple devices without losing progress. We have a “Friend Challenge” game mode that will reward you with Power Cells. By connecting to Facebook or Game Center, you will be able to invite and challenge your friends to a game of This Means WAR!

There are several different ways to connect to Facebook:
1. Tap the “Login to Facebook” button from your Friends or Friends Challenge page from our game. 2. Login through your “Settings” app (iOS) from your device. 3. Login through your Facebook app (iOS) from your device.

There are a few different ways to connect to Game Center:
1. Login/Create an account on the prompt that appear when the game first launches. 2. Login through your Game Center app (iOS) from your device 3. Login through your “Settings” from your device. (This is the best way to prevent the login prompt from appearing multiple times.)

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is it possible to restart a new base?
The only way to do this is to perform a “Settings and Content Reset” on your device or start a new game on a new Game Center account. Can I play multiple accounts from a single device? Or a single account on multiple devices? You can access different bases by signing in with the Game Center account tied to that base.

Help! I lost my base!
If the base was lost due to a Game Center game override then you will have to start over. If your base was lost due to a different reason, please contact

Help! I just bought Power Cells and I don’t see them anywhere!
Sometimes there can be delays in the iTunes server which can lead to your transactions not completing right away. A game reboot usually resolves the issue. If your Power Cells are still missing after some time, please contact Apple Support.

I disconnected during a match and lost medals! Do I get them back?
Although we do our best to detect real game disconnects, it is still difficult for us to tell whether the disconnect was deliberate or accidental. In order to keep things fair in our ranking system, we will not be able to refund lost medals. To avoid this problem in the future, we recommend making sure you have a stable internet connection such as wi-fi, 3g or 4g before you begin a match.

How do I control my troops during battle?
Once deployed, your troops automatically attack the enemy based on their attack preferences. Some target buildings first and others attack infantry - to find out what a unit’s attack preference is, tap on their info page and see the “Favorite Targets” section. Although you cannot control your unit once it is deployed, you are able to redeploy them after they’re recovered.

How does the Rank and Medal System work?
Medals are acquired through the PvP Multi-player matchmaking. The player can gain medals by winning matches with 1 star or higher (up to 3). Losing or tie-ing a match results in a medal loss for the player. Through gaining medals your rank increases once a certain amount of medals are received (for example earn the first rank above Private, which is Specialist with a total of 400 medals). Player cannot lose a rank once it is gained, however they can lose medals making it harder to achieve higher ranks.

What are Infantry/Vehicle Bunkers and Airfields and what are they used for? One of the unique gameplay features of This Means War! are the defensive “spawner” buildings that can be built in your base. These buildings spawn randomly generated units that fight when you are attacked while offline. The buildings will also spawn more powerful units the more you upgrade them! There currently are 3 types of spawner buildings - Infantry Bunker (spawns infantry), Vehicle Bunker (spawns ground vehicles), and Airfields (spawns air units). Check them out in the “Defense” category of the shop and tap their info buttons to find out more.

How does the shield work?
Shields protect your base from attacks (and resource raiding) for a predetermined amount of time. Each shield has an extended cooldown time, so be careful. All new bases start off with a 23 hours shield, to allow them some protection while they build their base. The player forfeits their remaining shield time if they decide to attack another player in a Matchmaking game.

How do I start an Alliance?
You are able to start an Alliance after reaching a Command Center of level 3. After reaching level 3, you need to repair the broken radar dish building that is inside your base. Once you have repaired the Radar Tower, it is now is attached to your Command Center. Access the alliance page by tap selecting the Command Center and tap the Alliance button when it appears. Once on the Alliance screen, you can search for an alliance, join an alliance, view other people’s alliances and their members and even create your own alliance. Visit the “Create” tab and customize your name, description, alliance icon, and rules.

How do I invite members to my Alliance?
You cannot send invitations to individual people, but they can send a request to join your alliance. The alliance leader has the ability to accept or decline a request. Once the request is accepted, they become a member of your alliance.

Can I view a replay of a recent battle?
Yes! All of your battles have been recorded and stored in the “Battle Messages” page located in the menu tab as an “envelope” icon. Hit the play button to start the replay of a battle and also choose to watch it in 2x or 4x speed if you are in a hurry.

What is the purpose of donated troops?
Donated troops can provide a great advantage on offense or defense. Take them into Multi-player and Campaign matches to help secure a victory, but they are a one battle use! When you deploy them in Friend Challenges to help take down your friends base you will retain them after the battle. On defense, they deploy troops periodically from your Command Center if the enemy gets too close!
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