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TapZen Forums Code of Conduct

TapZenTapZen Moderator
edited October 2015 in This Means WAR!
Welcome to the Official Forum for This Means WAR!
This forum is a great place for all members of the community to share their experiences with the game, interact with each other, discuss strategies and base building and much more. We would like to explain these rules to make this forum the best environment for everyone.

Trolling, Harassment and Real Life Threats
If a comment or thread you are about to post may cause distress to another forum member, don’t post it. We understand discussions can get heated quickly but please take a step back when this happens. We all can share our opinions without taking it to the next level. Making a post containing any real life information about a fellow community member is grounds for a permanent ban. These types of posts will not be tolerated.

Foul Language
The forums have a censor built in to it to filter foul language. Please do not attempt to evade this censor. Please keep all discussions as mature and relevant as possible.

Posting the same comment or thread multiple times is considered spamming. This is unnecessary and we ask that you please do not do this because it creates confusion.

Inappropriate Topics
It is okay to make lighthearted threads that aren’t super serious but please use common sense when responding to and creating threads.

Duplicate Threads
While it may be tempting to post up your new thread without a little research, please use the search function and see if there are any recent threads about the same topic before posting a new topic.

Please do not continuously bump your thread up to the top by repeatedly posting in it when no one else has responded since your last post. This is disruptive and will interfere with the normal flow of discussion on the forum. As a courtesy to other forum members please only bump your thread one time.

Impersonation of Employee
The community manager and other employees of TapZen and Magic Pixel Games will be regularly posting on the forums. It is not okay to impersonate an employee of the companies.

Advertisements and Self Promotion
Any discussion and advertisement of games other than This Means WAR! is frowned upon. However, it is okay to post links to your YouTube channel and other social media sites as long as it’s about This Means WAR! Though, we ask that you do not overdo it with self-promotion.

Account Trading, Selling or Sharing
These types of actions are against the terms of service and also against the forum rules. For the security of your own account please do not share your account information with any other player.

Links and Images
It is okay to post links and images on the forums as long as it pertains to something about the game, is relevant to the discussions in the thread or funny internet memes. Malicious or pornographic links are not permitted and will result in a permanent ban.

Thread Headlines with Moderators Name
Using the moderators name in the title of your thread to try to grab the attention of a moderator is not necessary. It will not increase your chances of getting a response to your question. The community manager reads every post on the forums. Your thread and posts will be read.

English Only
We ask that you use the English language to communicate with other members of the community on the forums.

Suspensions, Bans and Ban Dodging
The forum staff will always enforce the rules of the forum for the benefit of the community. The action taken against a forum members account will always be reflective of the severity of the violation. If the staff deemed that your account needed to be temporarily suspended or permanently banned please respect this decision and wait till your suspension expires. Please do not create additional accounts to circumvent the ban as this will result in an increase in suspension time on the original account and ban on the new account.

Bugs / Exploits
Discussions related to Bugs, Exploits, or other Technical Issues should be posted in the Tech Support section of the forum. Posts related to these issues will be moved to this category by moderators. This will help reduce clutter in General Discussion.

Community Links
Got an awesome fansite? Just finished an epic Lets-Play session? Want to show off your new base design? The new Community category is for posting specific This Means WAR community content to share with players around the world. Moderators will attempt to collect exceptional content and showcase it in stickied posts. 

Response Time
Please be patient when awaiting a response! In an effort to reduce redundant posting and emailing, many of our official posts will attempt to address groups of players with similar issues. We try to thoroughly read every post and email and will do our best to reply to everyone in time. 

Ban Policies
Due to increased activity on the forums, bans will now be issued on sight to those who spam links or other content not related to This Means WAR!

Chat Bans
If you have received a Chat Ban in This Means WAR! please private message R00Rshock to have it lifted. 

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