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Irritating Time Bug

Have had a few issues with this, where the game runs slowly whilst in a battle (clock runs at normal speed but regen times, movement speeds, firing rates etc are significantly slower than advertised) giving you effectively less time to win.

Just had another example where the battle replay runs at the correct speed so the battle ends with 01:30 left on the clock. 

This is very annoying as there's very little chance to win in that time so it means I'm continually dropping medals. Any suggestions/can you refund me medals til you get this sorted?


  • R00RshockR00Rshock Member, Moderator
    This is a known bug that has been confirmed fixed for Update 3.1. We're still waiting for a few fixes to go through before we submit for review. I apologize for the delay, but we really want to fix as many issues as possible before we release the update.
  • LiuongLiuong Member
    edited February 2016
    This bug drives me crazy and makes me want to stop playing should look at this problem playing on this android only problem? It seems that some ppl that use iphone dont have it. In attack im always short for 50 + seconds...cant 3 star even weak base. Im using lg g3 with 3gb ram phone should not be problem i guess.
  • My friend from alliance just told me that he have same problem on its not android problem only..its not fun having slow motion attacks...i will not bother investing in game until this is fixed..its unplayable..
  • Cmon guys ..i just left battle with 1.20 min short..couldn even win 1 star..cost me my win streak and medals..everything was so slowed.
  • R00RshockR00Rshock Member, Moderator
    Happen to have a video of the game slowing down in combat? A replay will NOT work unfortunately. If I can see what problem you are experiencing we may be able to help you fix it. We've been unable to reproduce this issue in the studio. 

    - R00Rshock
  • Lol it ussaly hppens when you have weak wifi connection 
  • I usally have a strong one but when im not at home...
  • LiuongLiuong Member
    edited March 2016
    I will try to make a video RooRshock..Its not about connection 100% it may be about android and a game maybe its not running smooth enough on android..i borrowed ipad from my friend no issue there..also on his iphone everything runs smooth ..but playing on my android phone is is lg g3 with 3 GB of RAM and its clean no apps or other games..i think phone should not be a problem.

    I just attacked very weak base and i got in last second 2 stars ..usually this base would be done with 3 stars and i would be left with plenty of time..watching reply i clearly see i was short for 53 seconds..thats alot

    I must say that not only attack runs slow but i notice (especially after playing on ipad)how everything is slowed a bit on my phone..all animations and transitions runs slower..even those parachutes in my base falling down slower with twitches and skips in graphic.
  • RadRad Member

    It sounds like a software:hardware interface issue, and one related to how the LG G3 deals with graphical, multi parametric data.  Have a look at this:

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