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Spam and Chat Ban Policies!

Greetings Commanders! I want to brief you all on 2 of our policies. Here is the Code of Conduct FAQ:

Spammers will now be banned on sight in an effort to clean up the forums. Please only post This Means WAR! content to avoid being banned.

Chat Bans have been the topic of discussion as of late. If you have received a Chat Ban, please know that is was issued due to an investigation into player behavior that found the player's actions to be inappropriate. Please private message R00Rshock to have your ban lifted. 

Please post here if you have any questions. 


  • blahblah Member, Moderator
    Thank you for the spam ban. 
  • Thank you for this . 
  • But I enjoy calling the spammers spamaholics or such.  :D
  • blahblah Member, Moderator
    Every day I log on to see "Michele fraziers" 2 new threads. I'm not going to her bullshit website. It's either porn or she's selling hair trinkets, pyramid schemes, or cutco knives. Is there a way to filter the threads other than physically reading them cause no offense, you guys aren't doing a good job at filtering them. You should make it available to us to delete a thread if there is a link attached. 
  • blahblah Member, Moderator
    I know that people can attach a link to their TMW youtube channel, or TMW pics etc etc. but we're not dumb. We're not gonna delete a thread if it has anything to do with tmw. 
  • User on This Means War called Iggy Pig been spamming for the past 20 minutes saying nothing but "Lol" 
  • I like blahs idea of giving us the power to delete threads that has a link attached. I wonder why they all say same thing like "I am the new guy" or " glad I finally signed up"
  • Yay no more spam!

  • But i sort of liked calling em names ; (

  • bprentice2010bprentice2010 Member
    edited November 2015
    Seriously the spamming is getting out of control here. Something needs to be done @ROORShock. How about a more secure sign up process. Have people confirm email address defore they can post on forums. It's currently to easy to sign up here that's why we get all this spam

  • Thats just last day
  • R00RshockR00Rshock Member, Moderator
    I apologize for being out sick for 2 days. Its pretty clear we need someway to prevent these spammers from invading the forums every day. We've considered moving these forums to the official Kabam forums. We have more live support on that platform. I'll see if we can tighten up the account creation process as well.
  • @ROORShock  Hey I have an idea. Ranger6 is active and trustworthy. BP is active and trustworthy. Blah is active and trustworthy. U get the idea. Why not give contributors like this, the power to delete spam crap. Let some of the active community who have shown they care about the game, clean up the forum. I know you may not agree with everything some have said over the past months, they haven't lied and can be trusted to do the right thing. JUST SAYIN. 
  • Moderators are another good idea. I would be happy to help
  • blahblah Member, Moderator
    Thumbs up emoji!
  • I'll vote for that. Maybe set it up so that roor sees all posts that have been deleted so that we don't get a rogue member down the line. No offense to anyone nominated. I think you'd all be worthy. 
  • Yes +1 I'm also active on forums but yes the spam has to stop!!!
  • Does it smell when y'all breathe through your nose?  

  • @WhyCantIUseMyGameID   Hmmmmmm. Apparently u want only negative in the forums. If u read the forums carefully, u will see I have posted plenty of 'constructive criticism' of the game. When I have what I feel is a good idea, I will share it. Moderators, in my opinion, are a good idea. Oh, and how's your sense of smell. Clearly tying to impress someone. 
  • Listen BROWN NOSER...

    That's the sound of....


  • blahblah Member, Moderator
    If you have nothing good to contribute to the thread, why bother wasting your and our time with your bullshit. Go fly a kite or do something useful with your time. I get on here cause I DO CARE about the progress of TMW. I don't get on to read your useless banter. 
  • Yes! Please do something about Spam. And Fix the game while yer at it.....
  • Good WORK band!
  • I thought something was being done to eliminate or at least limit the spam. I understand it's a holiday weekend so there's likely no one around to delete the posts right now, but there must be something we can do so that the spam filter is not someone going through and manually deleting posts. There are a ridiculous number of spam posts daily and it seems to be getting worse, not better. 
  • blahblah Member, Moderator
    There is 22 threads open now that are all spam. We all know what they are by looking at the topic. Just don't open them and read them. This is getting ridiculous. 
  • +1 blah this is getting out of hand
  • WhyCantIUseMyGameID? mmm maybe because your an idiot
  • R00RshockR00Rshock Member, Moderator
    I just had to ban a few fake accounts. I will be going after spam, trolling, and other types of distracting content whenever I see it or hear about it. Please follow the forums rules or don't bother posting at all.

    - R00Rshock
  • Why not move the forums to kabams own website like your other kabam game forums? Would make it harder to make multiple accounts as you have to verify your email with kabam

  • Why not move the forums to kabams own website like your other kabam game forums? Would make it harder to make multiple accounts as you have to verify your email with kabam

    +1 the nonsense is getting intolerable now
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