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Hexium Raid FAQ

R00RshockR00Rshock Member, Moderator
edited November 2015 in Tech Support
Attention Commanders! Consult this guide if you need information on Hexium Raids. 

Event: Hexium Raid
Start Time: Friday, 2pm (PT) 
End Time: Tuesday, 2pm (PT)

How to win: 

- Find Cases
- Collect Parts 
- Refine Hexium
- Build Hexium Weapons
- Use Hexium Weapons
- Increase Win Streak


Q) Can we have a schedule for Missile Strike Raids / Hexium Raids?
A) We plan our events each week. We're currently working on improvements to our events systems. Expect an announcement each Friday detailing what the weekend event will be each week. 

Q) How many Minotaurs can I store up?
A) At the moment you can collect 100 Minotaurs before running out of storage.

Q) I can't find the parts I need! What gives?
A) Every case you open has a chance of dropping all of the parts. Consult your Alliance members for donations if you are having a difficult time acquiring specific parts.

I'll add more FAQ questions as they come up on the forums. Please post any questions and comments about Missile Strike Events here and I'll do my best to answer!

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