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Alliance Perks Guide

R00RshockR00Rshock Member, Moderator
edited January 2016 in Tech Support
Here is a guide on the new Alliance Perks introduced in Update 4.0:

Steal More Supplies
Steal More Red Mercury
Steal More Hexium
- These Perks increase the amount of resources available for capture when destroying an enemy Base.

Medal Protection
- This Perk reduces the number of Medals lost when defeated in combat, down to a minimum of 2.

Hexium Event Raid Point Bonus
Missile Strike Event Raid Point Bonus
- These Perks add .1  per rank to the multiplier during an event

Reduce Part Donation Wait Time
Reduce Donation Wait Time
- These Perks reduce the wait time on donating Troops and Parts to fellow Alliance members. 

Troop Rearm Bonus
- This Perk increases the number of Troops returned to you after combat.

Increase Troop Donation Capacity
- This Perk allows for additional Troop donations to members of your Alliance.

Upgrade Donated Troops
- This Perk increases the research level of Troops donated, up to a Troop's maximum available rank. This Perk helps ensure that all members in your Alliance are donating powerful Troops for combat.

Upgrade Alliance Gifting
- This Perk increases the quantity of rewards inside an Alliance Gift Crate. Alliance Gift Crates are sent automatically to all members of your Alliance when you purchase Power Cells in the store. The item level of the crate is determined by the number of Power Cells you purchase. Item level determines the quality of items in a crate, while Perk level determines the quantity of items found. 

$4.99: Level 1 Crate
$9.99: Level 2 Crate
$24.99: Level 3 Crate
$49.99: Level 4 Crate
$99.99: Level 5 Crate

Feel free to ask questions on this discussion thread and I'll do my best to answer them. 
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  • The Star Merits is the only way you can get them through spending Power Cells/Money? Cause I yet to see them in the Missions by completing & waiting for new Missions  
  • A couple of my alliance players were told you are going to reimburse them for lost resources how about me ??? Lost quite a bit of everything including medals due to this new update !!!! My game name is BUSTER /ALLIANCE CATACLYSM losing 6 medals for a 1 star lose to higher players now this used to be a 1 star loss !!! 

  • Does this mean that if we have only two units for a particular type of troop (for example two Minotaurs),  we never get any advantages from upgraded "Troop Rearm Bonus", since we get 35% units returned at most and we can never get full units returned when we have only two?

    (Or that we cannot have any advantages when we have less than or equal to 3 units if the perk is less than level 9?)

    Or do we have more probability to get back a unit in that case?

  • @ROORShock ;The steal HEXIUM perk is ripping players off.  My HEXIUM vault says it protects 93%, yet I routinely loss 15-20%. You should make up the difference from Kabams vault, not the players that get attacked.
  • Phollins +1000
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