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GameGem and other Hacks

R00RshockR00Rshock Member, Moderator
Hello everyone! We've received reports from a handful of concerned fans that the app GameGem can be used to hack This Means WAR! for free Power Cells. I want to dispel some rumors about this app.

We checked it out and confirmed that our server code protects us from these hacking apps. Simply put: GameGem cannot be used to hack This Means WAR! We take security very seriously here at Kabam and we want everyone to know that the game is safe from players hoping to exploit vulnerabilities in our software. 

These types of apps can be used to tear into the game to adjust combat values and resource counts. However, all of these changes are saved locally. As soon as you connect with our servers, the game will not register with these modified values. Furthermore, using an app like GameGem requires a jailbroken iOS device, plus installation of other complicated software. We officially recommend avoiding these types of apps, as it makes it impossible for our Customer Support team to assist you with issues related to the game once your device is compromised. 

If anyone has any questions, please feel free to ask them here. 

- R00Rshock


  • I saw a guy on YouTube using GameGem to raise the strength in troops so they never died there was 2 hacking videos and GameGem was involved
  • Hmmm
  • Yes plz explain 
  • In my opinion there is a clear hack used by quite few playerns. Just take a look into the 100 players. Some do not belong into an alliance, but can maintain a pretty weak base without getting attacked. Since I'm above 4400 meds, I get oponents, which offer me 37 meds in case of a victory, but after 10 or 15 seconds there is a client error. Obviously only bases where you can conquer less than 8 meds are not corrupt. Please take a look into the following bases:
    L e o
    Xaver 185
    I had some of them already as opponent in the game and lost because of client error. Is that something, you intend to fix or do we keep it this way and cheaters have a significant advantage?
  • R00RshockR00Rshock Member, Moderator
    The video posted here was back from 2014. We've fixed the security flaws since then. 

    As for the current Base Edit glitch, we're currently working on a tech fix to this problem to prevent players from glitching out their base layouts. We should have a solution soon. We appreciate everyone's patience as we deal with this extremely frustrating issue. 

    - R00Rshock
  • Bonjour mon compte à était pirater comment faire ? Merci de votre aide.
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