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Metal loss,AGAIN

Ok,u gotta stop this l lost 64 metals after being attacked for the third time in a row,how dose his happen,the most I've ever got was a 12 on an attack,IAM ready to dump this game,it's costing a fortune to play,the playing field is not fair


  • Exactly !! Dump it brother dump it ...its time now . 
  • R00RshockR00Rshock Member, Moderator
    edited March 2016
    The game does increase in difficulty significantly at higher Medal counts. You have to be diligent to keep your Medal score up past 4000 Medals. You're running into more active and dedicated players now.

    satishjohnsat, such negative feedback is really not necessary or constructive here. The Tech Support forums are here for helping players, and negative remarks like these are not helping anyone.

    - R00Rshock
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