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Bug report

hi kabam. As a lot of other people I have been complaining during the last weeks against players with supposedly cheated bases. Every time I was attacking them I was getting a client error. When I was rushing for my 4th star 2 weeks ago I got frustration a couple of time with them. But yesterday after exiting my team to try to join one of the top 10 alliances, I was attacked by a 5 stars guy and he lost ... With no replay ... So I let my base out of any alliance to see if it was just one time or not. Now after just 20 hours, nobody attacking my base was able to win and zero replay available.
so since I didn't do any change to my base, and so no cheat, my conclusion is the following: this is a bug ! There is a link between the advantages you have in an alliance and this behavior when you are outside and alone. I'm going to join back an alliance so I will stop to create frustration for other players, but there are so many bases now in the top 100 with people just not playing and climbing thanks to the bug that you need to fix this urgently ! At least put some flag on bases which are in alliances so we know that we are safe to attack
sorry for the players who lost today against me ... You will have plenty of opportunities to recover against me in the coming days it was just an experiment
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