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App store complaint due to client error

As well known by the staff, the "client error" issue continues. But this time it's not with the bases where one can collect 28-36 medals, which brings the damage, when getting the client error, to a minimum of 1-4 medals. No, it's with the bases where on can collect 4 medals, which maximizes the medal loss to 20-23. This happened to me too often that I'm filing a complaint with Apple. Fix it and don't come with petty gestures like an "appreciation week". It would be tragic to see this game pulled.


  • There must be an epidemic of whiny going around. I have a question or six for you, bub... Are you a game developer? Have you ever done any coding? How about troubleshooting? No? Then, you would be well advised to put a sock in it. Let the guys who do this shit for a living do their job. So it's taking longer than we like to resolve the problem tells ME that the issue is more complicated than can be fixed by punching a few keys or twisting a couple of knobs. The issue is annoying, exasperating, even aggravating, but it is not a deal breaker for the vast majority of the players. Most of us are going to keep right on playing, because the game is still fun. You would have the game yanked over losing a few medals? Excuse me, I have to finish laughing my butt off. 
  • Hahahaha, you made my day! 
  • Ranger6Ranger6 Member
    edited March 2016
    Wrong this happened to both my husband & I on both our iPads & iPhones ...... Client error on only high value bases that didn't have any of their defense bonus tools turned on. This has happened to us more than several times in the past two weeks. My husband is pushing for his 4th star & is more than frustrated! 

    I play several other games and in no others do I have the issue of Client Error that I do on this game! It's not a Wi-Fi issue on my a game error/server error on yours! And it sucks!

    Try calling Apple - you get better results than using email! Save your in game pictures and post game pictures & if you can record it - do! My Apple guy loved the vids and supporting documents!
  • iTunes has a 30(?) day money back policy. And Yes, they know about this game's troubles. I totally agree with heisenberg, the appreciation-week is a joke. The gift-boxes and missiles don't return all the lost medals and cells people lost. It's been months since this began. If they really would appreciate us, they would've done more 
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