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  • jacqjacq Member
    This is a stupid name
  • Thanks to your stupid behavior.. Should be nice when talking..

    I named it as I believe.. Peace can never be found that easy...we have to struggle even for the Peace
  • jacqjacq Member
    That's so lame
  • Tq..
    But sorry fr being rude..
    Try not to comment bad
  • jacqjacq Member
    Ok ok  :D
  • Good
  • @jaqc get off this thread for god's sake!!! This person just wants to start an alliance. You don't even have one of your own (an alliance nor alliance name).
  • You are so annoying ( @jacq ). I can't even read a thread about someone's alliance without seeing you on it- either insulting it or making outrageous claims. At least say why you think it is a "lame name" and what you think a better one would be. What the heck is the point of what your doing. Come on!
  • jacqjacq Member
    Lol dude it was a joke. You seem very unstable  :p
  • jacq said:
    This is a stupid name
    That's ok, jacq is a stupid name too. Go play in traffic dickless.
  • jacqjacq Member
    HAHA I literally am dickless. Good one  :D
  • We can't all be blessed girlie-girl.
  • jacqjacq Member
    Likewise buddy!  :p
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