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Not getting attacked

sitting around 4260 and haven't been attacked in weeks? What's going on?


  • Insufficient resources to tempt attackers? IDK, attacks seem to come in attacks for a few days, then one attack after another for the next few days. I have also noticed that every couple of weeks, my troops suddenly decide its Paaaartay Time! Then the next day , it's back to business.
  • 3500-4500 lots of bases in that range that are now inactive and not boosted so lots of easy targets out there for the players still left. Players leaving game due to no decent update for over 18 months now. Bugs in the game NOT getting fixed. KHG need to pull their fingers out of their ***
  • bomberbomber Member
    Got 70k hex still haven't been attacked in like 6 wks. 
  • Still haven't been attacked.... won't attack myself in case it some how breaks the seal
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