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War Report! (July 24th-30th)

blahblah Member, Moderator
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WAR REPORT  (7/24/17 - 7/30/17)


Bonus Rocket Boost Hex Raid!  7/28/17 - 8/1/17

   Start date: July 28th
   Start time: 2:00 PM PST
   End date:  August 1st
   End time:  2:00 PM PST


League 1
1st)   buyjoke78
   2nd)  Catman
   3rd)  BomberMan

League 2
1st)    KOT
   2nd)   -=[al3x 11]=-
   3rd)   sergey777


Congratulations to this weeks Total Domination Tournament winners!

1st)    ASSASSIN CREED    48599                
2nd)   ASSASSIN CREW      47240     
3rd)    US.NATION             46731               

Congratulations to this weeks Bonus Seeker Swarm Hexium Raid!   July 21st-July 25th

   1st)  Missile junkies
   2nd)  Raid Much
   3rd)  ЗВЕЗДА[]

   1st)   <~{BP}~>
   2nd)  [SOF] Удачный Солдат 
   3rd)   Kairat Naraliev



    *  I have been getting many messages about issues that lead back to the "ad-tracking" feature on Apple devices.  Just a reminder, if you are ever having issues loading your base onto your device, double check that the ad-tracking feature is toggled to the OFF position.  To check the status of the feature, click SETTINGS, then PRIVACY, then, ADVERTISING, then LIMIT AD TRACKING.  Make sure the ad tracking feature is toggled OFF.

   *  In-game name changes are now being taken care of in the customer service icon.  If you have sent in a request already and have not heard anything in over a month, "bump" your ticket.  Do not fill out a new ticket.

  *  Refunds are being dispersed for the strike jammer failed upgrades.  Do not sink the refund back into the strike jammer upgrade.  It is not fixed yet.  I will make an announcement when it does get fixed.

   *  After the latest update, the stacking of buildings is still possible, however, it will no longer cause a disconnect.  This link is in case you wind up inadvertently stacking a building:

   *  Guys, please refrain from putting multiple bases on one device.  It can/will overwrite one of your accounts.  I had a ton of messages about players "losing" their bases.  I can not retrieve bases for you.  Tell your fellow raiders this as well.  Also, DO NOT share your account! I have been getting many messages that accounts have been "hijacked".  They are not hijacked if they are loaded or have ever been loaded on someone else's device!

   *  Keep in mind our chat policy when conversing on global.  Smack talk is ok and expected.  Trash talk will get you suspended!  If you don't know the difference, look it up!

   *  Please keep in mind our anti-cheating policy.  I will remind everyone that account sharing is considered cheating and is not allowed.  Also, please do not message me to report "win-trading" if a player is making a run at an achievement and has asked for others to skip them.  Win-trading is when a group of players actively search for one individual and purposely lose medals to them, repeatedly, until the player reaches their goal with no effort.  Asking to skip is not win-trading.


*Spec ops history:

* Raid winners history:

* Base transfer announcement:

* Base transfer FAQ:

* Official tech support:

* Alliances page:

* blah's forum profile:


* TMW! fan kit:

* TMW! stat sheet:
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