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Base transfer trouble

GLADGLAD Unconfirmed, Member
i recently got a new iPhone and am having trouble transferring my base. When I open the game app, it asks me to choose my base. I choose to switch to my old base "GLAD" (level 10). When I do that i get the message "unnamed has no associated account. Continuing will erase this base. So I then click on "ok to continue and switch to "Glad"   At this point, it opens up an entirely new base without switching to my saved game. I checked on your base transfer FAQ and it says use the options menu (gear icon) - I don't see one. Where is it? BTW my Game Center profile is "raider 215" or you may email me directly at


  • bprentice2010bprentice2010 Member
    edited August 16
    Make sure you have limit ad tracking turned off

    1. Go to settings app
    2. Privacy settings
    3. Advertising 
    4. Set limit Ad Tracking to Off

    Hopefully that should fix your problem
  • GLADGLAD Unconfirmed, Member
     That worked thanks I would've never thought of that 
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