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First 7 star

blahblah Member, Moderator
Congrats to Dark Lord and Augustus!! The first two 7 star generals!!


  • Blah sorry, but that Not honestly fought
  • These two are the best Tap.. tap.. ( Cheater ) Players in the world !!
  • So Like many other the Assassin Players also !!!
  • Because only one who hast no idea of the game ist congratulated !!
  • Or a Cheater is !!! F.u.c.k. @ Cheater !!! 
  • bprentice2010bprentice2010 Member
    edited September 10

    KHG don't care about everyone's complaints. Their happy just letting Game die. 

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  • Thats, 2 and 3 acc.
  • blahblah Member, Moderator
    If you guys spent as much time battling as you do accusing, maybe you would have 7 stars too!! Bottom line is that there is no cheating. Until someone is able to prove me wrong which NO ONE has done yet but still all the accusations!! Just because it's something that you have not/cannot accomplish, does not mean that it is cheating. 
  • Blah, thank you for your statement
  • many players spend money for that game and pay the salary of the khg! 
  • the crew pays nothing
  • KHG, what is wrong?

  • was happens, you're soon alone with the crew because the crew buys anything
  • player buys-no cells
  •  :D why do I get gifts when at crew? and not gift bomb gifts. I don't spend anymore as I'm not going to continue spending money on a broken Game any longer. KHG have had Game for over 1 year now and still bugs that have been there for almost 2 years are not fixed. I'm still playing a little but they get no more money from me. Once cells are gone that is it I'll play still but no more spending on cells. I say it again KHG do not care. If they did then Game would be fixed by now and we would have at least had some decent new content. 
  • Damn, 7 Star Ranking now wonder how much changed in the game
  • If guys spent as much time battling as complaining.  Lol that's funny.  No ones left to battle and the big accounts  which you blah suggest battle all the time are mainly in league 2 so apparently not battling all the time either which = not buying cells.  The shield strategy is flawless no doubt so enjoy playing with yourself ass clowns.  
    Battle more complain less
  • I'm with BP. Once these cells are done I'm done as well.   Not complaining blah so don't chastise me
  • One last thing. The seven stars can blow me
  • Top guys always tap... way it's always been, . I was number 3 behind deadhead and vampil years ago and we use to use line to show off our contraptions we used to tap. You guys all defended  us back then saying we weren't tapping and we were, so are these guys big deal ..... if you don't wanna tap don't expect to hit the top
  • Fuck you fullpull and Kelly! You guys worse then my 14 your old sister! These guys are out night after night. You don't like it? Well cry me a river you bunch of pussys! Raise your medals so you can find them otherwise suck it up and kiss my ass! 
  • Oh and  when you guys do decide to man up and grow a set of balls and raise your metals I'll be there to shit on your base! 
  • lol I'm sensing some anger dude.   
  • Haha theedude kiss DARK & Augustus Just keep his  cheater Ass...!!!  

  • Cheater to Power connects you... ( ASSASSIN ) LOOOOOL 
  • Blah sorry you have no idea of the game....!!! 
  • theedudetheedude Member
    edited September 24
    Fullpull you tapped your ass all the way to 6 star you piece of shit! 
  • you hardly make any sense by the way. 
    “Haha theedude kiss Dark & Augustus Just keep his cheater ass”? What the hell does that even mean? Go back to school punk 
  • @fullpull12 thanks for the 7k easy hex by the way!! Loool
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